Margareta Mina.

Designer and crafts-person with a wood/furniture engineering degree. Handles paintbrush and AutoCAD with the same ease.
Offering 3D drawing, 3D rendering, interior design services and cad drafting to individuals, design professionals and trades alike.
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I am a furniture designer turned interior designer on the job. A down-to-earth generalist, I work with gusto and in true partnership with my clients – to give them exactly what they want as fast as humanly possible, whether they are interior design professionals or do-it-yourselfers. On this site I am putting forth a holistic view of myself. Please check my portfolios and other interests.

My Professional Life in Numbers

8,000 + hours


Furniture and Cabinet Design

3 semesters


TA at Transilvania University

20,000 hours


Fairy Tale Furniture

16,300 hours


Interior Design CAD technician

12,500 hours


Interior Design


  • Think & Plan
  • Measure twice
  • Learn more
  • Involve
Complexity is the name of the game, whether it is a new construction or  “just” a renovation that we are dealing with. Keep chaos and frustration at bay with CHECKLISTS  like these.
Measuring your space correctly is the basis for all interior work and it is far from being a trivial matter. You can do it too with patience, attention and keeping in mind a few things I laid out in this MEASURING GUIDE.
Professional terminology can be overwhelming for an outsider. That can be overcome with some study. An example of the things we sometimes talk about is in this TERMINOLOGY file.
Sometimes a thing may start simple enough but then later degenerates into a “situation”. Or, it was complicated from the start. You might need some or all of the PROFESSIONALS listed here.


Hours of Work


Design Projects


Painted Items Sold


Grown Kids

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