My  professional image is not complete without mentioning my interest in code-writing, which predates my interest in painted furniture. I started with a code in FORTRAN (an ancient programming language) during my university years. As part of my graduation thesis, I wrote a program in BASIC to draw 3D objects based on an input consisting of 3D coordinates X,Y, Z (I posted a short video of this code running -translated to Turbo Pascal –  on my Instagram page).

Later in life I wrote codes in Visual Basic for MS Excel:

  • a time-log application for small cabinet-maker company
  • a small program for recording and managing fabric orders for upholstery and window treatments
  • a whole cabinetry ordering system for a kitchen factory

Being extremely interested in practical applications of mathematical curves, I created a script in AutoLisp to draw any superellipse (Lamé) curve with parameters specified in the input. Applications include: curved face cabinets, oval tables, etc. While it is far from being as spectacular as some design and architecture projects created with Rhino/Grasshopper, it represents an interest that I intend to develop further.

Last but not least (I have more interests than time to pursue them), whenever I have a sliver of time on my hands: I am writing a blog about food-finds and recipes for diabetics. Even though I don’t have a large following, I am happy to share.